Our organization

Our purpose

Greaterthan’s purpose is to develop and grow the impact of new ways of organizing, and to be in service of the individuals and organizations who are driving this work forward. We are a hub for aligned practitioners to experiment, support others on their transformation journeys and develop products that make these practices accessible to wider audiences.

We want to help usher in a new era, where our organizing structures and cultures contribute to a more healthy system for all.

Our vision

We envision a world where the system(s) we do our work in...
…enable everyone to be involved in decisions that relate to their lives and futures in the workplace.
…recognize and distribute value of different kinds in a healthy, regenerative way.
...foster conditions for people to express their creativity and be entrepreneurial. caring relationships and human development.
...enable everyone to step into their power and lead.
We are proudly an Enspiral Venture since 2018 and work closely with the Ouishare Community.
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