Communication Tools

Here is an overview of the communications tools our team currently uses. To avoid tool overload, we usually onboard people to them on a needs basis, depending on the projects they are working on!

Who can be added to these tools and how?

To get access to any of these tools, please ask any of the partners to be added.
The majority of our tools are available for anyone working on our projects on a needs basis. There are certain tools reserved to associates and partners only, such as Loomio, for formal decision-making.

Communications & Decision-Making

For day-to-day communications and working together.
  • Greaterthan Slack Team. Abbreviations for channels: Int- (internal) , Pr- (projects)
  • Cobudget Slack Team: exists but currently not in use
For decision-making and structured forum conversations.
For informal discussions and sharing of articles and links.

Organizational tools

Project Mgt
File Storage
Knowledge Sharing
Customer Support
Shared Google Drives for various projects and GT core.
Some of our Shared Drives:
Ask for access to these from any other GT member.
For capturing and sharing key knowledge for our work we use knowledge maps.
A large portion of the assets in the maps are linked in our Google Drive folder
Shared Google Calendars that exist
  • Greaterthan Team Meetings
  • Greaterthan Events
  • Team Travel (to share travel schedules)
  • Team birthdays
If you don't have these calendars yet, see here how to add them.
Airtable CRM for managing contacts and our consulting pipeline.
We use Helpscout for managing multiple inboxes for customer support for products and projects such as:

External Communication Tools

which we have Greaterthan accounts for:
  • Newsletters: Active Campaign
  • Digital Whiteboarding: Mural
  • Surveys: Typeform
  • Managing Helpscout
  • Website: Webflow
  • Password mgt: Lastpass
To automatically see which websites and tools we have accounts for, you must be added to our Lastpass account.
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