🎪Attending Events

How to decide which events to attend

We are often invited to events to speak and need to decide whether to attend. Here are a few evaluation criteria to help decide whether to say yes or noto an opportunity.

General principle: Less is more! Fewer high quality events, with high quality contributions from our side is better.


Questions to ask

1. Financial viability

Is the gig paid?

Is it in a location you need to go anyways and can cover your travel expenses to get there?

2. Topical & strategic aligment

How aligned are the topics and audience of the event with our current focus? Will you be able to learn something new on subjects that are in the current focus?

Will you be able to meet people that are strategic for your current projects?

3. Stategic relationships

Is it strategic to build a good relationship with the organization running the event, because we want to partner in the future or want to support the mission?

4. PR & Visibility

Are we currently actively trying to promote something this will give us an opportunity for? How big will the audience be /are talks being filmed or streamed?

5. Logistics & footprint

How complicated will it be to get there (how much of your energy will it take)? If it's a far trip, can you connect it with other things? Is the opportunity worth the enviromental footprint?

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