People Agreement

This full agreement was significantly updated in September 2021 (after this experiment), and modified in August 2022 through this decision. Minor adjustments were later made in August 2023 and December 2023.

Context & Intention of this Agreement

The intention of our People Agreement is to make explicit the differing levels of involvement, commitment and power that people can have with respect to Greaterthan (GT) and articulate how people can move between those levels. Since it’s first version, this agreement has gone through various significant iterations, which will likely continue as the organization and its members develop.

This agreement has been designed to recognize and accommodate for different types and levels of involvement, contribution and commitment. It aims to enable people to scale their involvement and commitment up and down in a dynamic, organic way, to adapt to different professional priorities and life phases. The intention behind this is for GT to be an organisation that people align themselves with for the long term - evolving their relationship with it over time as both they and GT change.

Levels of involvement

There are three explicit levels of involvement in GT: “Partners”, “Associates” and “Explorers”. An explicit commitment to Greaterthan as a whole (outside individual projects) takes place when stepping across the threshold from Explorer into “Membership”. Greaterthan Members, constituted of Associates and Partners, are collectively responsible for stewarding and developing Greaterthan. The Partners additionally hold the accountabilities of keeping our strategic focus and ensuring coherence between our activities and long-term vision.

To understand these levels better, let’s look at how each relates to Greaterthan:

Partners: ‘Greaterthan is my professional home, or, if this is not the case yet, I am actively working towards it.’ The majority of their work is in and through GT. Equal shareholders in GTs UK "mother" company, Greaterthan Collective Ltd (1 share per person).

Associates: ‘Greaterthan is one of the places for my professional activity, or, if this is not the case yet, this is something I am actively working towards.’

Explorers: ‘Greaterthan is a professional network I am part of and want to explore getting more involved in’. In many cases, GT members are already doing a project with potential explorers, or are interested in doing work together in the future.

None of these levels have a nominal limit to how many people can be in them -- but to ensure our system is healthy, it’s important that they maintain a certain proportionality. We must also note that there is a very broad range of ways in which someone can be an associate. We have decided to embrace this ambiguity and therefore focus our energy on regularly making associates and partners specific commitments explicit, rather than creating very rigid expectations (see below).

Rights & Responsibilities

The functions of GT Members (as a whole): The Greaterthan Members are collectively responsible for stewarding and developing the Greaterthan commons so that we can work towards our collective purpose. This involves three key aspects:

  • Ensuring that GT has thriving business activity (a healthy pipeline of projects, healthy money flow, proactive business development)

  • Ensuring that GT’s financial commons are managed wisely and together.

  • Ensuring that GT as an organisation evolves and is cared for in line with the needs of our purpose and people in GT (including that people are cared for and supported).

The ways in which these are addressed are determined by the members and are likely to change over time.

The Partners additionally hold the accountabilities of keeping our strategic focus and ensuring coherence between our activities and long-term vision.

The specific rights and responsibilities that come with each role are as follows:


  • Invite in new people (as explorers and as associates).

  • Priority on paid GT projects.

  • Use the GT brand and entity for billing work.

  • Represent GT publicly.

  • Access to the GT knowledge commons & communication channels.

  • Get a GT domain email address.

  • Participate in org wide, strategic decision-making (in addition to projects, see decision-making agreement).

  • Access to professional/personal development support initiatives (e.g. personal dev bucket for trainings & retreats) - covering 25% of costs.


  • Attend quarterly all-members meetings.

  • Create and keep updated a ‘commitment statement’, shared with other members, that makes explicit how you currently intend to contribute to Greaterthan (more info below).

  • Participate in an accountability process, to check in on those commitments regularly and be held to account. The current proposed experiment is accountability "bubbles".

  • Join an annual “opt-in” ritual, where changes in the system are acknowledged (or if attendance is not possible, share an update with the group).

  • Contribute to income generating activity (in some form or another, which is up to the member to determine how; via areas like academy, consulting, coaching, communicating, etc.).

Commitment Statement | Details

Here are examples of what types of contributions the commitment statement can refer to, which are important for developing and maintaining GT as a thriving business:

  • Bringing in projects (leads, sales)

  • Developing new GT products and services

  • Working on the organization, for example participation in heart beat teams, care work

  • Building thought leadership and recognition of GT

Accountability Process

Current experiment is of Accountability "Bubbles"

  • Groups of at least 3

  • Meet at least every 6 weeks (can be more if desired)

  • Reflect, review and update accountability statements

  • Optional, but encouraged: can also be used as a peer support or personal/professional development triad, to help check in on how everyone is doing and make sure key needs are not falling through the cracks.

Joining & Leaving Greaterthan


  • Can be independently invited by any member

  • Invite follows the advice process, with a small extra:

    • Posting in the slack channel ‘inviting-explorers', where members post the name of the person they want to invite in with a 3 day ‘advise process’ so that anyone with concerns can get in touch. They also need to @mention anyone they think/know also knows the new invite.

    • If a person feels unsure whether it’s ok or not to invite someone, they can put up an optional temperature check on loomio.

  • The person who invites them in has the responsibility to ensure they are correctly onboarded. Once an explorer is ready to be invited, please follow the steps in this explorer onboarding guide to do so.


Process for stepping into membership (note; this is always as an Associate as a first step):

  • A prospective new member can either be:

    • Proposed by an existing member (associate or partner), OR

    • Proactively requested by an explorer (with the support of an existing member who will put forward their proposal)

  • Minimum criteria for inviting a new member (to be applied and checked by members):

    • Existing and established working relationships with several members

    • Observed commitment to contributing to the development of Greaterthan as a shared, commons-based business and brand.

  • Prospective member to answer the following questions (to be included in the Loomio proposal)

    • Why is stepping into membership important to you?

    • What and how would you like to contribute to the Greaterthan commons?

    • What and how would you like to receive from the Greaterthan commons?

    • What else would you like members to know?

  • Agreed by consensus of GT members on Loomio.


  • Invited by any partner OR through proactive request by associate

  • Agreed by consensus of Partners and with advice from Associates.

Partners have been an associate for at least 1 year.

Minimum Viable Board

Compliance and legal responsibility is held by a “Minimum Viable Board”, composed of two partners and (optionally) one external person or associate.

The MVB will:

  • ensure that Greaterthan Collective Ltd is fully compliant with United Kingdom laws and regulations, and its company constitution

  • maintain an overview of current finances, long term financial view, and adequate reserves

Any associate or partner can initiate a conversation at any time to discuss directorship with the members, and may nominate a director (including themselves). The final decision about directorship is made by partners.

The current MVB has 4 members:

  • Francesca Pick (partner)

  • Susan Basterfield (partner)

  • J.D. Nasaw (associate)

  • Patrick Andrews (external)

See current changes on UK Company's House.

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