🥁Rhythms & Rituals

Below is an overview of the most fundamental annual meeting rhythm for Greaterthan members. These are by far not all our meetings, since there are many ad hoc initiatives, as well as project and working group meetings.

How can I join? To see the times of all GT meetings and join, check the GT Team Meetings Calendar. If you don't have it yet, read more here.

"Services" Exchange | every 2 weeks

This is THE place to go if you are a GT member working on current projects, or someone who would like to find pathways for getting involved in projects. The purpose of them is for us to cross-pollinate across projects, learn together, and manage projects as a team, rather than many isolated groups. Elements of this call:

  • High-level updates about ongoing projects

  • Sharing learnings & advice

  • Sharing needs: both for knowledge/resources & people on projects

Important: Since this call is geography-based, it's important that key take-aways are always shared on slack afterwards, with the rest of the members. Participation: optional for members, but if you are working in projects regularly, it is important to attend as often as possible.

Full GT Member meetings | Quarterly


  • Keeping coherence as the members group: building relationships, seeing what is happening in the system, discussing things we need to draw our attention to

  • Sharing a financial update: discussing patterns in money flows & strategy and making decisions around money

  • Participation: all members are expected to attend

To see when these calls are scheduled, please check the GT Team Meetings google calendar, which you were given access to when onboarded.

In-Person Gatherings & Distributed Sprints

A set of days where we focus intensely on working together, either on a specific project (Academy), or on evolving Greaterthan as an organization. In the past this has often looked like 3-5 days of living & working together with the whole team in rotating (rural) locations, every 3-6 months.

Annual Opt-in Ritual

An annual moment for reflection and acknowledgement of the changes taking place in the GT system, especially in relation to people moving in and out of their roles as partners and associates. This is our form of an annual "opt-in", as a collective acknowledgment moment of changes to people's involvement.

Etiquette for going offline & availabilities

  • If you cannot join a regular meeting, decline the calendar invite.

  • Share your calendar with other team members, and put your location in it so that everyone knows where you are

  • Add "OFF - [location]" in your calendar when you are offline

Other Meetings

  • Partners Meeting | every 2 weeks

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