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  • Email sending leverages Rails' action mailer
  • Action mailer is integrated with active job, which is a generic API for queueing jobs
  • ActiveJob requires you to specify a backend. there are a few built in by default. We use one of them, called "delayed job"
  • in cobudget-api/config/application.rb: config.active_job.queue_adapter = :delayed_job
  • delayed_job is an external Gem, listed as a dependency in the Gemfile.


When developing with emails locally, make sure mailcatcher is running. assuming mailcatcher is installed (gem install mailcatcher), in a terminal window just run mailcatcher, then visit http://localhost:1080/ to see your mails coming through.
Note, for messages to get queued for actual sending, you need to append a delivery call (deliver_now, deliver_later) otherwise you are just creating a MailMessage object, and it will seem to be failng silently because you're actually not asking for it to be delivered.
this is working for deliver_now emails. i am still not sure how deliver_later is working, or whether it's working. i don't see them coming through mailcatcher, and am not sure if it's because the delayed_job queue is not running or something else.
run bundle exec rake jobs:work to start a background process for delayed jobs.



Production mails are being sent through sendgrid. we do not have a login for the existing account yet.

Log reporting emails

config/initializers/delayed_job_airbrake.rb seems to be configured to work with airbrake on production, but there are no airbrake settings configured on heroku.
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