🌱Development Bucket

What is the Development Bucket?

A pot of funds set aside from Greaterthan’s Commons Budget to financially support partners and associates with their professional and personal development. This pot is a fixed annual budget (currently 2000 €) that GT members can draw from at any time during the year. The size of the budget may be changed by members' proposals on Loomio.

Scope of this bucket Learning & development opportunities that contribute to your work in Greaterthan, e.g. courses, events, coaching, experiences. It is at the discretion of each of us to determine whether they feel this is the case or not.

Who can get how much support from this bucket?

Partners: 50 % match funding Associates: 25% match funding

How does it work? These match funds can be claimed for anything that fits inside the outlined scope by getting advice from one or two other GT members, e.g. your AccountaBubble. The purpose of this is to have light-touch accountability partners on our learning journeys.

The funds can be claimed at any point throughout the year, as long as there are funds in the bucket. Unless GT members decide otherwise, the bucket will be refilled once a year. All members can see at any time how much is in the bucket and who has used the funds so far through our Open Books.

If a member would like to draw more than the above defined financial contribution, then they need to run a more extensive advice process, which must include a member of the finance team (for overview of the financials) and the GT partners.

How to use it in practice

In the majority of cases, the development bucket operates via a refund system, so you pay upfront and then invoice Greaterthan for the portion that is match-funded by the development bucket.

If you are a Partner and have and use a Business Unit, you can pay directly using the Greaterthan card. In this case, the first three steps remain the same, but instead of invoicing, please follow these instructions:

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