Working Together

Team Rhythms & Rituals

Monthly Business Owner meeting

Call once a month with all Greaterthan Partners.‌

In-person Sprints

3-5 days of living & working together with the whole team in rotating (rural) locations, every 3-6 months

Learning Calls

Monthly calls with partners, associates and people we work with to discuss and share learning on a certain topic.

Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Optional weekly standing meeting to talk about "What is the valuable knowledge we have?". It's for anyone who wants to share knowledge assets they are using in their work at the moment, have a discussion about it, capture it on our maps, etc.

Etiquette for going offline & availabilities

  • If you cannot join a regular meeting, decline the calendar invite.

  • Share your calendar with other team members, and put your location in it so that everyone knows where you are

  • Add "OFF - [location]" in your calendar when you are offline