Working Together

Rhythms & Rituals

Weekly GT Member meetings

We alternative between two meeting types every two weeks for all partners and associates:

  1. Sense-Making, Tensions & Proposals

  2. New Projects, Project updates & Biz Dev

To see when these calls are scheduled, please check the GT Team Meetings google calendar, which you were given access to when onboarded.

In-person Sprints

3-5 days of living & working together with the whole team in rotating (rural) locations, every 3-6 months.

Ecosystem & Learning Calls

Every few months we host open calls with associates and people we work with to discuss and share learning on a certain topic.

Etiquette for going offline & availabilities

  • If you cannot join a regular meeting, decline the calendar invite.

  • Share your calendar with other team members, and put your location in it so that everyone knows where you are

  • Add "OFF - [location]" in your calendar when you are offline