On & offboarding

Here are some simple steps to follow when onboarding new people to GT.



Explorer onboarding in Greaterthan is a distributed accountability among those who make invitations. If you as a member invite someone as an explorer, you are accountable for ensuring they are correctly onboarded and guided into GT as described below. To learn about the invitation process for explorers, see the People Agreement.

Two stages of explorer onboarding

Since November 2022, we no longer onboard explorers immediately, but are experimenting with multi-annual cohorts. There are two key stages of onboarding:
Stage 1: Takes place right after the decision for the explorer to be invited has been closed.
  • The person who invited them fills out this form, which adds them to our People Dashboard. The new explorer will now appear in the cohort backlog.
Stage 2: Takes place a few days before they are fully onboarded into Greaterthan, together with their onboarding cohort. The below steps may be completed individually by the person who invited them, or by one of the inviters who does it for all members of that cohort.
  • Send them the Welcome to Greaterthan slidedeck as basic orientation.
  • Invite them to a few key tools:
    1. 1.
      the Greaterthan slack team. When logged in, you can do so with this link.
    2. 2.
      the open GT events calendar. Add them to the calendar with their email, with the rights to "make changes to events".
    3. 3.
      the GT "People of Greaterthan" Airtable base as an "editor". More info on how to do this.
    4. 4.
      Update their status in our Open Books People list to "Explorer", to remove them from the 'onboarding queue' and indicate that they are now onboarded.
  • Ask them to find themselves on the People of Greaterthan 'People Profiles' section, and ask them to fill out their profile.
  • Let everyone know they have joined! Welcome them on the #everyone channel of the GT slack and ask them to introduce themselves.

About onboarding cohorts

  • HOSTING: a rotating team of 2 GT members hosts each onboarding cohort. The responsibility to find the hosts lies with the group of members that invited the people in that cohort.
  • WHO IS IN THE NEXT COHORT? See who is in the queue for the next onboarding cohort here.
  • WHEN: the rhythm of cohorts is still being experimented with. You can find the upcoming start dates in the GT open meetings & events calendar, and in the onboarding queue.


The GT member who invited in and put up the decision to bring in a new associate is accountable for setting in motion their onboarding. The onboarding itself is now done by our persistent role, the "Movement Guide" (currently held by Francesca). All you need to do is follow these 2 steps:
  1. 1.
    Inform movement guide that the person is ready to be onboarded. They will ensure the person is added to our tools, the website, recurring meetings and more.
  2. 2.
    Send them the link to this onboarding one-pager.
The movement guide will take it from there, following this onboarding checklist.

About Greaterthan email addresses

There are two options for how associates may have a Greaterthan email address:
  1. 1.
    A full Google Apps Email account: regular email account, which incurs a monthly fee to GT core. All associates may have such a GT email address, but we ask you to only choose this option if you will really use it (since we are aware that many Associates already have several work emails they use).
  2. 2.
    An alias (done through a google group), that enables you to receive emails to [email protected], but does not let you send. This is the default option if you do not choose option 1).
When new members receive the onboarding form, they will be able to choose which email option they prefer.


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