Project Setup & Overview

What do we mean by project? A project is anything being worked on under the Greaterthan banner, such as consulting, training, coaching, product sales with external clients, as well as internal GT initiatives, such as our academy, org development and more.

What projects are we working on right now?

As a member, you can see the overview of our ongoing projects in the following Airtable links (if you don't have access yet, ask in #admin channel):

How to setup a new project

We have a simple process for setting up a new external project, that can be carried out by any GT member. While it's great if all our external projects --both paid and pro bono-- can be setup with this process, the following steps are mandatory for paid projects using the GT legal vehicle. This is a prerequisite to be able to invoice a client through GT!

The steps to setting up your project

Setting up a project works in a few minutes by filling out a form.

  1. If you have not previously added them, add the client and their billing information with this form.

That's it!